Library Service Update

Effective immediately, Camrose Public Library will be temporarily closed until further notice following the Government of Alberta’s mandatory health measures.

You can access our digital resources with your library card by visiting our eLibrary. Stay up to date on services and online programs being offered by viewing our Facebook page and Blog

Curbside pickup is available for all of our posted operating hours. When you arrive please park along the east side of the library, beside the blue shed and give us a call (780-672-4214) or ring the doorbell on the side of the door to let us know you are here. We will bring your items out to you and place them on the table set up outside. To keep everyone safe please practice social distancing while waiting for your items. 

Note: This event is now over.

Real Country 93.3 and the Stettler Library Facebook page

Blackout Bingo

Mar 1, 2021 to Apr 30, 2021  |  Mondays at 2 pm

Bingo balls in basket

Are you looking for something fun to distract yourself with during the last days of winter? Why not pick up a Bingo card at the Stettler Library and play along!

The Game:

Listen to Real Country 93.3 FM on Mondays around 2 pm to hear the numbers, and mark your cards.  The first person to achieve a blackout (all the numbers on their card have been called) is the winner.  The winner will receive a gift basket filled with local products and gift cards, with a value of $250. What better way to welcome the warmer days of spring!

The Rules:

  1.  You must be 18+ to play the Stettler Public Library's radio bingo.
  2.  Bingo starts on March 1, 2021 and ends when someone calls in to the Library (403-742-2292) with a verified blackout.
  3.  Cards must be picked up at the Library before 6 pm on March 13, 2021. There is a limit of one sheet (3 cards) per person. Cards will be distributed in order, with each recipient receiving the next sheet of cards from the top of the pile.
  4.  Cards will be registered by the Library when being picked up at the Library, call the library at 403-742-2292 to request your cards we will bring them to the front door of the building.  All bingo paper is controlled by serial numbers. The colour and serial number of the winning card must match the colour and serial numbers being played.
  5.  On March 1, 2021 around 2 pm (MST) 5 bingo numbers will be announced on Real Country 93.3 FM. Numbers will be posted on the Stettler Public Library's Facebook page following the radio announcement.
  6.  An additional 5 numbers will be announced on Real Country 93.3 FM each Monday around 2 pm (MST) weekly until a blackout bingo has been verified.
  7. If more than one person reaches bingo on the same day the winner will be the person who reached bingo first (i.e. the person reaching bingo on the 1st number called will beat the person reaching bingo on the 2nd number called).
  8. Players must call in their winning card to 403-742-2292.
  9. Players must have the following information ready when phoning in their Bingo:  (a) free space number, (b) card colour, (c) serial number at the top of the card and (d) the number on which they reached bingo.  We will also ask you to spell your name and provide your mailing address to claim your prize.
  10. If there is more than one winner, the prize will be split.
  11. Once the winner(s)is verified, the Library will announce the closing of the game.
  12. All bingos must be called in no later than the Wednesday following their winning number being called.
  13. All Radio Bingo Players are responsible for their own reception; Neither the Stettler Public Library nor Real Country (Stingray Radio) are responsible for technical issues.  Do remember, numbers can be checked on the library Facebook page and in a pinch, you can also call 403-742-2292 to check the numbers.