Conditions for the Use of Areas of the Library Not Normally Used for Public Services

As an expression of its mission to connect people with information, ideas, and experiences, the Camrose Public Library provides meeting rooms in the Library. These rooms may be used by members of the community for the presentation and exchange of information and opinions. The Library makes these rooms available on equal terms to all persons and groups, regardless of opinion or affiliation. By making a meeting room available as a forum, the Library does not sponsor or endorse the views of any group using the room.

The decision to make space available is in accordance with all other library policies and space availability.

Fees for use of the meeting rooms are as set out in Schedule A of the Camrose Public Library Bylaws.


Approval Date: June 2013

Revision/Review Date: June 2016, June 2019

Approval Signature: original signed by Board Chair: Elizabeth Luck

Camrose Public Library Board Chair