Library Administration Handbook


Management of a public library is more than developing a collection, circulating it, answering reference questions and supervising staff. As a library manager, one must be accountable to a number of people: the library’s board, the community it serves, the funders and the municipal and provincial governments. Library management includes the long-term planning of the library and fostering its relationship with the city or county. Public libraries are institutions created through legislation and accordingly must adhere to service standards and meet a wide variety of client needs, thus fulfilling government and grant requirements, maintaining bylaws and satisfying service and collection policies are fundamental to public library administration.

To fulfill accountability expectations and uphold diligence responsibilities, a library manager is responsible for a number of reporting obligations, statistical gathering, professional development, and grant applications, and should recognize certain library-associated awards and celebrations. The dates associated with these events and required reports are scattered throughout the year and unless one is keenly aware of their impending approach, they can catch an unprepared or novice library manager off guard. Having these dates and their required documentation arranged in one location allows for better management of planning and fulfilling the requirements associated with public library management.

With the assistance of the internet, planning can be streamlined and accessible to everyone with an internet connection, thus the choice to have posted the following information the library’s website.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of duties of a library manager, but rather a reminder of obligations required by those to whom we are accountable to and celebrations that may be of interest.  There are other grants which can be applied for and other celebrations which can be added, conferences and training sessions not included within this document, but the fundamental requirements are included within as are other events and celebrations that can help a novice library manager through a busy year.

Ultimately, the goal of this project is to provide one location that any library manager can access to keep abreast of the important dates and requirements of operating a public library. I intend to continue my career in public library management, and to that end, this handbook will certainly serve to assist me throughout my career.

Gantt Chart for January to June

Gantt Chart for July to December