Library Policies


The following policies are required by the Alberta Libraries Regulations:

1.  Confidentiality of user records.

  • 7 (1) (a) confidentiality of user records, except where disclosure is required by law.

2.  Orientation and continuing education of board and staff

  • 7 (1) (b) orientation and continuing education of board members and staff, including expenses for attendance at library meetings, conferences, workshops and courses and for memberships in library associations.

3.  Finance policy

  • 7 (1) (c) finance, including designation of expenses for which board members and staff will be reimbursed, and the form and manner in which those expenses shall be claimed and the appointment of signing officers for the board.

4.  Personnel policy

  • 7 (2) (a) personnel, including job descriptions and performance appraisals for employees and volunteers, qualifications for staff positions, working hours, conditions of employment and a grievance procedure.

5. Selection, acquisition and disposition of materials

  • 7 (2) (b) selection, acquisition, purchase and disposition of library resources, including a policy respecting gifts and donations.

6.  Resource Sharing

  • 7 (2) (c) resource sharing, including participation in a provincial resource sharing network and the conditions that apply to the acquisition of library resources and information from other sources including inter-library loans and information in electronic databases.

7.  Provision for persons unable to use conventional print or for languages other than English

  • 7 (2) (d) provision of library resources to persons unable to use conventional print resources, including provision in co-operation with community agencies.

8.  Provision for library resources to be lent

  • 7 (2) (e) the terms and conditions under which library resources will be loaned to members of the library for use in a location other than the library.

9.  Records retention policy and schedule (required under FOIP)

10. Personal Information Banks (PIB) (required under FOIP)

11. Hours of service

  • 7 (2) (f) hours of service at each library service point

12. Terms and conditions for use of public meeting space

  • 7 (2) (g) the terms and conditions for use of any areas of a building managed by the board that are not normally used for library purposes, including who may use those areas.

13. Workplace violence, harassment and other unacceptable behaviour (Occupational Health and Safety).

14. Working alone (Occupational Health and Safety)

15. Occupational health and safety (Occupational Health and Safety)

  • including a formal hazard assessment

Recommended Public Library Policies

  1. Statement on intellectual freedom (adopted from Canadian Library Association)
  2. Expression of concern/request for reconsideration of library resources form
  3. Waiving of fines/fees on library materials
  4. Internet access and acceptable use
  5. Job descriptions for Library Trustees

Sample public library policies can be found on Public Libraries Branch website