Library History

A Glimpse into the Past...
1919 to 2011

In November, 1919, The Town of Camrose provided a grant and use of the old Town Office, located on the site of the current Post Office, to house our first library. A community shower brought in 700 books and raised $26. The membership fee was $1. A year later our membership was 171 and the daily circulation was 40 books a day. In 1942, our membership had grown to 219 and the annual circulation was 13,573.

In 1954, the library was closed temporarily to make way for the construction of the current day Post Office building. Our Library relocated to Main Street where it remained until 1981. Our current Library opened its doors to the public on February 2, 1981. In 2003, our membership was 6530 and annual circulation was 135,820.

Camrose Public Library celebrated 90 years of service on November 14, 2009.